There are some pretty creative ways to enjoy your pumpkin after Halloween and some of them are down right delicious. We have compiled a few options here to help you repurpose those early Fall pumpkins.

Eat Your Pumpkin The pumpkins used for carving may not be as flavorful as say pie or sugar pumpkins but they will still work for many dishes. According to Good Housekeeping you can bake, boil, or steam your way to pumpkin puree that can then be frozen in freezer bags or ice trays for future use. For even more inspiration, check out their compilation of Sweet and Savory Pumpkin Recipes here

Display Your Pumpkin You can turn yesterday's Halloween pumpkin into today's Fall Floral Arrangement. Just hollow out the pumpkin and place a brick of florist foam or even a small jar with water in the bottom. Start arranging your fall florals and enjoy.

 Beautify with Your Pumpkin Pumpkin is full of vitamins A, E and C and the enzymes in pumpkin can give your skin a healthy glow. Check out this simple recipe from Beautylish for a 20-Minute Pumpkin Face Mask. 

Feed Nature with Your Pumpkin Leave it to Martha Stewart to come up with an adorable little repurposed pumpkin turn bird feeder. The instructions found here look simple enough to let kids get in on the project as well.

Enrich with Your Pumpkin Finally, for those of us with far less lofty pumpkin goals, composting is a great way to repurpose. Pumpkins are good for your soil and breakdown relatively quickly. Just remember to remove the seeds if you want to avoid vines sprouting next year, or just chuck the whole thing out back like I did and be delighted when the reminder of season's past pop up.

November 01, 2018 by TK Wismer

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