Is it just us or does this Winter season seem to be dragging on? Despite the up and down forecasts and a particularly vicious polar vortex, Spring will be here before we know it. Here at the Blue Oak Outdoor home offices we are distracting ourselves from the freezing temps outside by thinking about the "Spring Things" that we love the most. These are the top 5 things we are looking forward to with the coming of a new season.

1. Outdoor Dining

Grilling out and Al Fresco dining seem to top the list of activities that we can't wait to get back to with the coming of milder temperatures. From informal weeknight meals to planned social gatherings, we are anticipating making the move to the outdoor dining room and revisiting some of those favorite grilled recipes. 

2. Outdoor Gaming and Sport

We are a sporting bunch over here so we can hardly wait to toss the frisbee or challenge friends and family to a round of cards around the chat table while taking in the fresh air. Bag toss, giant connect four, horseshoes, twister, fishing, hiking and classic catch were a few crowd favorites for this "Spring Thing".

3. Lawn and Gardening

There is something therapeutic about digging in the dirt and getting those early plants in the ground. We are anxious to brush aside the winter debris and get those beds and planters ready for Spring blooms.

4. Fire Side Chats

With cooler temps lingering, Spring is a great time to enjoy the warmth of a fire. Bundled up with a hot drink and a warm blanket while chatting by a flickering flame sounds like the perfect way to spend an early Spring evening.

5. Longer Days

The final Spring Thing that we are anxiously awaiting is gaining those extra hours of daylight. It's amazing what a few extra hours can do for elevating moods and reviving energy. 

Get excited because Spring is on the way, but in the meantime,

start making those preparations and shop

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