The Outdoor Furniture Shopping Guide

No matter where you get your outdoor furniture, know what you’re getting. Sure, we’d like to have you as a customer. If that’s not possible, we still want you to be happy with what you buy. That takes a little education.

How to spot the GOOD, the BAD and the LIKELY-TO-BE-RECYCLED-IN-A-YEAR.


A furniture’s frame is its foundation, and the measure by which you can determine its quality, strength and durability.

What You Should Know

Aluminum is already rustproof. Steel and wrought iron require coating and paint to be rust-resistant. That part was pretty easy, wasn’t it?

Our Pick

We like rustproof, resort grade aluminum. We build our frames with stainless hardware and they have 25% thicker walls than the frames you’d find on outdoor patio furniture at big box stores. Plus we coat our frames in multiple layers including a high quality powder coat base, hand brushed accents and a final all-weather clear coat.


Fabric on outdoor furniture sees all the elements. Quality is crucial.

What You Should Know

Outdoor cushion and pillow fabrics, handwoven resin wickers, sling materials and frame finishes are all rated on how much sunlight they can endure before they begin to fade.

Remember that outdoor furniture doesn’t see sunlight at night (Captain Obvious). Plus, most outdoor furniture sees at least some shade - either through its placement or due to weather.

Hand-woven wicker is beautiful but time intensive. It can take a craftsman several days to complete one piece of furniture. Personally, we appreciate that artistry.

There are two common ways to color fabric. A maker can dye colorless yarn or use solution-dyed fabric. Solution-dyed fabric is kind of amazing because the coloring takes place before the yarn is created. A liquid acrylic solution is made to get the perfect color. Then the color is extracted and transformed into fiber. With solution-dyed fabric, the fiber IS the color so it lasts far longer.

Our Pick

We go all-in on high-quality, solution-dyed acrylic fabrics from experienced makers like Sunbrella® and Outdura®. They’re soft, but sun-tough fabrics that can meet 1,500 hours of sunlight before seeing fading.


We’re aiming for go-out-and-stay-out comfort. Cozy, long-lasting outdoor furniture is created not only with cushion material but also obsessive attention to detail.

What You Should Know

Centimeters matter. From the angle on the back of an outdoor piece to the width of the seat to its height off the ground, construction makes or breaks comfort. Human-centric design is critical to ergonomic seating that looks good and feels just right.

Often overlooked, too, is the softness of cushions. A little sink and softness is great, but be sure that the cushions are backed up with a supportive layer that keeps your spine happy and the cushions long-lasting.

Our Pick

Our multi-layer, dual-density foam cushions balance a soft, smooth surface with long-lasting support. Even Goldilocks couldn’t complain.

Never underestimate the power of design. The construction of our outdoor furniture is meticulously engineered to create the perfect balance of comfort and support for long chats, epic books and lingering over meals.

Now that you’re well-versed in furniture making, let’s get to the fun stuff: shopping.